OptoGenesis provides warranty services for ESC IPL devices.  The repairs under warranty are performed by either ESC or OptoGenesis field service engineers. This warranty program is designed to be merged with the IPL head refurbishing program for your peace of mind.

  • Warranty for EpiLight and PhotoDerm/MultiLight Systems
  • Warranty for VascuLight System

Diagnostic Services

    We provide extremely fast response to most service calls at a very reasonable price. Our typical response time is 24 hours for any city within the United States


Repair Module Costs

    Our refurbished modules are fully tested before they are shipped from the factory. Please inquire for prices by contacting the service department.

IPL-Rejuvenation Upgrade Program

OptoGenesis offers the IPL-Rejuvenation upgrade program to improve the reliability and functionality of IPL® devices such as EpiLight™, MultiLight®, or VascuLight® systems.  This program includes the following steps:

  • Refurbish the IPL head(s)
  • Check and clean the internal air cooling paths and fans
  • Check the internal water cooling system including the water filter, water level, reservoir leaks, water flow, and water flow restrictions
  • Check and clean the internal capacitor bank
  • Check the operation of the internal capacitor charger
  • Check the operation of the internal low voltage power supply
  • Check the condition of the internal computer / upgrade if necessary
  • Check the high voltage operation
  • Check and clean the external computer monitor / or upgrade
  • Check the IPL output energy / or add power meter to upgrade
  • Provide a report of any visible signs of internal problems

Cost of Service

    Please check with the service department for the latest prices.

Parts Program

OptoGenesis provides specialty parts and equipment to be used w/IPL devices. Contact service department for all crystal / gel and other parts availability.


Warranty Services

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