OptoGenesis will replace both the flashlamp and internal filter, as well as clean and test the refurbished head for use with the IPL device for a per unit fee much less than the OEM. The refurbishing service includes:

  • Changing the IPL flashlamp with an identical flashlamp that Lumenis offers  
  • Changing the reflector to the original specifications*
  • Changing the internal filter
  • Cleaning and testing the heads for water leaks
  • Checking the total output power and setting the calibration parameters
  • Provide 12,500 shots warranty for older heads, and 18,000 shots for newer heads.

Please give us a call at 512-451-3333 or contact us at service@optogenesis.com to begin using our head refurbishing program and start saving money.

IPL Head Refurbishing

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