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OptoGenesis offers complete volume manufacturing, assembly and test services for complex Electrical, optical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical systems across multiple markets. Key market segments include medical, renewable energy, industrial, defense and aerospace. The division has capabilities to support large form factors, diverse materials of a range of alloys, and complex assemblies. The company is also focused on providing cost-effective solutions for the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical systems. At OptoGenesis, our Systems & Services Division is focused on:

Offering all services and capabilities in markets around the world

Satisfying customers with operational excellence and business results

Streamlining operations and efficiently allocating resources to be cost competitive

OptoGenesis's solutions will help our customers drive down costs, decrease time-to-market and improve competitiveness. Partnering with OptoGenesis brings the benefits of sourcing both component production and assembly services with a single manufacturing partner.

OptoGenesis manufactures and delivers electrical and electro-mechanical products into virtually every major marketplace in the world.